Four beloved pets die after rat poison incident

Dog owners in Kingsnorth are in shock as it has been discovered that rat poison has been left in a popular local wood for dog walkers.

The woods, located near Furley Park Primary, is hugely popular with dog walkers but it has come to light that someone in the area has been leaving discarded food out, laced with rat poison.

So far, four dogs have lost their lives. One local resident, Terri Kennedy described her “beloved and beautiful” cocker spaniel dying a “horrible and painful death” earlier in March.

Earlier this year, Richard Porter of Park Farm in Kingsnorth lost his cat after a similar incident occurred. He described how his cat took “several days of suffering to die and cost over £1000 in vet bills”.

Residents are at a loss as to why someone would do this, especially in such a popular wood. Janine Oliver described the individual as a “sadist” and a “sick individual” but at this point it is unclear who is doing it. 

The police and animal welfare enforcement in the local area have been informed, but at this point in time, they have no leads, nor is there an official response. 

At this time, residents are warning dog owners to avoid the woods altogether, and ensure that owners keep a close eye on their animals to avoid an shocking repeat of these events.

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