Half a million visitors expected to flock to Margate for Turner Prize exhibition, according to organizers

Margate will be hosting the Turner Prize exhibition this year, running from September until January 2020.

According to the event’s organizers, they anticipate seeing around 500,000 visitors, with a “significant number” of those coming from outside of Kent.

The Turner Prize, established in 1984, is a leading contemporary art prizes, and is recognized internationally. It is awarded to a British artist, for their previous work in the last 12 months, with a cash prize of £40,000 up for grabs too.

VisitKent who are a destination management organization, are working closely with the organizers of the Turner Prize. VisitKent have called being selected for the prize is a “huge honor”. 

VisitKent are very excited that Margate is hosting the Turner Prize later this year, as it gives visitors and locals alike a chance to experience and showcase the towns “richness of offerings”, including culture, food and drink, and attractions. 

Not only will Margate benefit from this, but VisitKent aim to create a “wider experience for visitors” – meaning other towns in Kent will have lots of new visitors to experience “amazing castles, amazing heritage, and amazing animal parks”.

Despite this, locals are worried that Kent’s infrastructure and accommodation sector won’t be able to handle the extra footfall, with a lot of visitors being expected to be travelling into Kent.

Locals are worried that roads will become severely congested, and public transport will be even busier than usual. VisitKent have stated that they are keeping locals involved with decision making and planning. As well as this, they are devising itineraries and are working with organisations such as Network Rail and local councils. 

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