Spate of crime in Ashford angers local residents

Residents of Ashford are living in fear after a spate of catapult and knife related crime have swept the area. 

Locals have taken to community driven pages on Facebook to share their fear, frustration and anger, after three youths were spotted with a catapult shooting vehicles and pickup trucks.

Emma Briggs, of Kennington in Ashford, described the town as “awful” and she raised the question, “How bad is this town getting?”

Anais Lecerf’s partners car
Source: Facebook

In another incident, Anais Lecerf reported on the same evening that someone had purposely jumped onto the bonnet of her husband’s Mercedes causing a huge dent. 

According to the Kent Police, they stated that “several other cars have been damaged in the area lately”.

Locals blame not only the youths themselves but also Kent Police. James Hazeldon, stated that due to their age they are “released with a slap on the wrist” if they are caught, only to be “back out the following day doing the same thing”. 

Just weeks later, a man in his 40s was mugged by three teenagers, taking his wallet and mobile phone after being threatened with a knife. The victim, suffered cuts and bruises. The three teenagers were arrested the next day, according to Kent Police.

Local communities have banded together to create Neighbourhood Watch groups, to help create local awareness and make residents feel safer in their homes.

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