Your Little Lift: a gender neutral, eco friendly care package

Your Little Lift is a new, original startup created by Ryan Mairs, known as Mairsy, to encourage people to take a well deserved break in our hectic, busy lives.

Ryan, now 24, grew up in Hamstreet, a small town just outside of Ashford. He now lives near Brixton, in Tulse Hill.

Ryan suffered the loss of his father at 12 years old, and lived unaware that his mother for six years was at the time an paranoid schizophrenic. Now, Ryan is a mental health campaigner, with multiple podcast appearances and was previously an Amplified Champion for Young Minds.

Using his knowledge and first-hand experience of suffering with anxiety and depression, Ryan has devised a new way to spread positivity through a package, that is gender neutral, on it’s way to becoming eco friendly.

Ryan described to me how Your Little Lift came to him one night when he was asleep. “I knew a lot of people were under a lot of stress and people’s mental health was being severely effected through this crazy year.” Going onto explaining his rationale for Your Little Lift, he went onto say that “I thought a little gender neutral self care package would be a great mood lifter for anyone, either purchased for themselves or for a loved one.”

“I’ve always wanted my own side hustle or business within mental health or a mental health/well-being focus. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind set but my other projects sort of fizzled out or I didn’t fully believe in them.”

Your Little Lift includes items such as sweets, bath bombs and journals to help clear your mind and improve your mental health.

At the moment, Your Little Lift boxes are currently only available on a trial basis. They were available via Instagram to twelve people who messaged Ryan first. For those who missed out (like myself), I asked Ryan what is in each box, and what they meant and represented.

“In our trial boxes we have a notebook for self-development, great for those who struggle to vent verbally. Note taking or journaling is a fantastic way to help clear your mind. We have a bath bomb to relax and take some down time (subject to change) and anyone that knows me knows I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I love all things sugar but I wanted to include brands that are fun, homely and coincide with what I want to achieve – I’ve been a big fan of Candy Kittens for years, an ethical and fun brand. They are delicious sweets and a big hit with our buyers so far, we include a bag in each box. I’m a chocoholic too so we are including two small bars of organic Green & Blacks chocolate. We also have herbal Pukka tea bags as I think there is something so comforting about a hot drink – especially now that winter is on its way”.

Mindfullness is one key step to improving your mental health. Switching off, and paying more attention to yourself, and the present is a key step to a healthy mind.

One of Ryan’s happy customers so far. Ryan personally delivers the boxes if you live within 5 miles of Brixton.

It has only been just over two weeks but Ryan says the reaction has been incredible. All twelve of the trial boxes have sold out, and have been posted. Ryan says that if you live within five miles of Brixton, he will personally hand deliver the box, as a personal thank you. “Last week I handed out little free taster boxes to strangers on the street and their eyes lit up. They all cracked huge smiles which gave me the biggest buzz”.

With such a positive reception so far, it was only fair to ask Ryan what he has planned in the future for Your Little Lift. “I eventually want to make it’s own entity”, Ryan says, with plans to expand packages for everyone: adults, kids, atheletes and pets. “Customer service is very important to me and I want to be in a position to control as many of the processes I can”.

If you are interested in ordering a Your Little Lift box, or just to see the future of the start up, follow their social media accounts here!

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