KCC COVID-19 cycle lanes cost over £400,000

A freedom of information request has revealed that Kent County Council spent £414,528 of their emergency travel fund on the highly controversial pop up cycle lanes. Kent was allocated a whopping £1.6 million pound from the Emergency Travel Fund, which was designed to allow local councils to produce better walking and cycling facilities. Over 25%Continue reading “KCC COVID-19 cycle lanes cost over £400,000”

Blind man “told to queue like everyone else” by B&M staff

Rick Newman, lives in Ashford with his wife Tracey. He’s severely sight impaired, and uses a white cane to go about his daily life. His wife is arthritic, and has to use two crutches to walk. This means she can only walk short distances comfortably. This weekend, Rick and Tracey recently visited three B&M storesContinue reading “Blind man “told to queue like everyone else” by B&M staff”

Panic Buying: How is it affecting everyone?

On December 31st 2019, the World Health Organisation first heard of a potentially deadly, unknown virus. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus in January this year, a rapidly rising number of confirmed cases and deaths has instilled a massive cause of fear, panic and concern for everyone. Over the past few months, the Independent hand sanitiserContinue reading “Panic Buying: How is it affecting everyone?”

Half a million visitors expected to flock to Margate for Turner Prize exhibition, according to organizers

Margate will be hosting the Turner Prize exhibition this year, running from September until January 2020. According to the event’s organizers, they anticipate seeing around 500,000 visitors, with a “significant number” of those coming from outside of Kent. The Turner Prize, established in 1984, is a leading contemporary art prizes, and is recognized internationally. ItContinue reading “Half a million visitors expected to flock to Margate for Turner Prize exhibition, according to organizers”

Kent County Council finally agree for Eastern Bypass

Concept plans posed by Canterbury City Council for a bypass to remove traffic from the ring roads around Canterbury have hit an uncertain roadblock last year after Kent County Council were “anti” plans for it.  However, they have now finally agreed and come to conclusion that Canterbury has developed to a point where it wasContinue reading “Kent County Council finally agree for Eastern Bypass”

Four beloved pets die after rat poison incident

Dog owners in Kingsnorth are in shock as it has been discovered that rat poison has been left in a popular local wood for dog walkers. The woods, located near Furley Park Primary, is hugely popular with dog walkers but it has come to light that someone in the area has been leaving discarded foodContinue reading “Four beloved pets die after rat poison incident”

Is University getting harder?

Data acquired from a Freedom of Information request shows that over the past four years shows that courses provided by Canterbury Christchurch University are getting much harder each year. In 2015, 83 students were not allowed to progress due to academic failure, rising to 181 in 2016 and it rose even more to 238 inContinue reading “Is University getting harder?”

Spate of crime in Ashford angers local residents

Residents of Ashford are living in fear after a spate of catapult and knife related crime have swept the area.  Locals have taken to community driven pages on Facebook to share their fear, frustration and anger, after three youths were spotted with a catapult shooting vehicles and pickup trucks. Emma Briggs, of Kennington in Ashford,Continue reading “Spate of crime in Ashford angers local residents”